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Indian Manufacturers Exporters and Suppliers of Inductive Proximity Switches (Barrel Round), Inductive Proximity Rectangular Switches ,Photo Electric Proximity Switches, Capacitive Proximity Switches,Switch Mode Power Supply(SMPS), Magnetic Door Contacts for Security Alarm Systems, magnetic Proximity Switches, security systems Magnetic Switches & magnetic float switches.

Best of the quality products in the indus try. Customer can have complete faith on delivery times and quality of the finished products.
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With the ever increasing levels of technology in plants and factories, PROXIMITY SWITCHES are becoming more and more common.PROXIMITY SWITCHES allow the user to detect the presence of material without having to make physical contact.

Parasnath Electronics offers a wide range of world-class Proximity Switches and Security Sensors for various applications. Each product is a hallmark of symbol of innovative, state-of -the-art technology promising efficient and reliable service year after year.

Since its inception in 1994, the company has led the field in innovation and technology development through its exhaustive R & D activities which has been the most integral/core part of its operation and is strongly reflected in its day to day activities. Parasnath Electronics stress teamwork in everything they do and that is the reason for their progressive growth in this industry.